WordUsage Give out

You every so often turn on the TV news or open a newspaper, surf the internet or listen to the radio or podcast, and you will probably come across this phrasal verb, GIVE OUT. And you wonder what exactly it means, how you can use in particular? So WU decided to give you guys a deep insight into it. This phrasal verb was used in ESL 10083: '... Whatever name we use, they all have the same purpose. They aim to stop fighting and GIVE OUT vaccines.' In this context, it means 'to give something to a lot of people' and its form can be either GIVE OUT STH or GIVE STH OUT. Another example to illustrate this point, 'When the time came, the examiners started giving out papers to all candidates in the exam hall.' Besides above, we have another form of this phrasal verb with different meanings. If GIVE OUT are alone (without any noun after), it has two meanings quite different that are something 'comes to an end, is completely used up' or 'stops working'. For example, 'after a very long time of waiting, their patience gave out' or 'after turning on under raining, the light bulb gave out'. Let's play a game: Look at this picture, create your own examples by using GIVE OUT.

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