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Today, we are going to look deeper into the phrasal verb BE GLUED TO in ESL 10081 as well as its component, GLUE! • To begin with GLUE, it may be either as a noun or a verb. Firstly, GLUE is a (countable or uncountable) noun meaning "a sticky substance that is used for joining things together". For example, I only paid 20,000VND for this tube of glue, what a bargain! Secondly, it can be used as a verb when you "join two things together using glue". In addition, we can use it in two different ways and its meaning remains: - GlUE A (TO/ONTO B): In chemical laboratories, there are a lot of dangerous chemical substance tubes that look like each other. So we have to glue the labels onto them to distinguish them. - GLUE A AND B (TOGETHER): My glasses' temple is broken so I will glue them together soon. • Next, we look over the phrasal verb, BE GLUED TO. It is usually a bad or negative thing and has two meanings. First of all, it means "to give all your attention to something". For instance, I always lose track of the time when I am glued to my phone. And its thesauri such as to have all eyes and ears on, to focus/concentrate on, etc. Second, "to stay very close to something". To illustrate this point, when I was waiting for my important test results. I was glued to my phone and waiting for it to ring. And its thesauri including to keep something at arm’ length, etc.

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