Quiz 1211: Watching Movie and TV Franchises

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1. Which of the following is NOT a trilogy? *

a. The Lord of the Ring

b. Devergent

c. Harry Potter

d. The Hunger Games

2. What kind of movie is Ian watching? *

a. A supernatural movie

b. A spy movie

c. A horror movie

d. A drama movie

3. Which of the following movies is NOT adapted from a novel? *

a. The Godfather

b. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

c. Forrest Gump

d. Inception

4. Choose the correct spelling *

a. 1. Instalment

b. 2. Installment

c. Both (1) and (2)

d. Neither (1) nor (2)

5. Which of the following sounds is NOT similar to 'aw' in 'spawn' *

a. 'ou' in 'bought'

b. 'ou' in 'rough'

c. 'awe' in 'awesome'

d. 'au' in 'caught'

6. Which of the following has the nearest meaning with the phrase "made into" in this sentence: Harry Potter was originally a character in the novels which were later MADE INTO movies. *

a. Taken into

b. Adapted into

c. Put into

d. Get into

7. What is NOT the synonym of the verb "spawn"? *

a. To produce

b. To generate

c. To hatch

d. To plagiarize

8. Fill in the blank with a suitable preposition: There was an interesting sequel _______ these events later in the year. *

a. After

b. Before

c. To

d. From

9. Which of the following is NOT the definition of the noun "franchise"? *

a. Formal permission given by a company to somebody who wants to sell its goods or services in a particular area.

b. The right to vote in a country’s elections.

c. Products that all have the same characters and the same or similar stories.

d. An agreement to kill somebody for money

10. Which of the following sounds is similar to the first 'e' in 'sequel'?*

a. "i" in "technique"

b. "i" in "mixture"

c. "i" in "fibber"

d. The second "i" in "liaison"

Đáp án

1. Harry Potter (trilogy là một bộ 3 tập, Harry Potter có 7 tập tất cả)

2. A spy movie

3. Inception

4. Both (1) and (2)

5. ou' in 'rough'

6. Adapted into

7. To plagiarize

8. To

9. An agreement to kill somebody for money

10. "i" in "technique"

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